Madeline Thien, Do Not Say We Have Nothing

“Maybe her crime had been as simple as the inability to believe.”

“He sent me to the priests when I was very small because he wanted me to find out more about this piano. Actually, we were believers in a way. We had complete faith in the things the priests provided: food, loans, education and medicine.”

“He asked me whether a glass eye would be for myself or for my best friend; in other words did I yearn for a new eye as a window to the outside world, or for the world to look in on me? Well, I was very depressed and both perspectives struck me as equally valid. After all, when I remember my past, I see myself as if from the outside, I perceive myself as another person might.”

“‘But I am not gold,’ he said. “‘Then what are you my friend?’ “‘Just a copy of a copy. A migrating soul.’

Carla Power, If the Oceans were Ink

“It rankled that I could be missing one of the most powerful experiences on earth.”

Anne Norton, On The Muslim Question 

“No women in her right mind could defend veiling or polygamy, we are told; thus any woman who does so must be deluded or compelled. Protests from the women who are promised liberation are thus read as signs of their oppressions, more evidence that intervention is called for. This logic permits no appeal, least of all from those it silences.”

“She is offered a choice that is no choice at all: submission to a puritan Islam or submission to secular licentiousness.”

Diana Darke, My House in Damascus

“The moral of the tale is to show how indecision is a form of decision and its consequences potentially deadly.”