Every time I feel the stirrings of my perceived woke-ness nudging my head up to the clouds, I like to remind myself that I too once pronounced Edward Said as Edward Sed.


There is a real sense of urgency in the air. The rat race has started and I am feeling vaguely mouse-like.

Arabic is great

In Arabic the words for Believer and Atheist are simple one-word terms. Mu’min and Mulhid. Even Apostate is fairly simple, Murtad. But as is consistent with the confusion of agnosticism, the glorified term for “uncertain” is, uncertain.

And hilarious.

You have the more technical term, the noun, معتنق اللاأدريّة, Mu’taniq al-la-adriyyah. This implies an adherence to uncertainty, or not knowing. But the adjective is لا أدريّ, la-adriyyah. Which literally translates to “I don’t know-er,” which I think is very apt. Instead of resorting to faux-intellectual explanations for my complicated relationship with religion, I will henceforth refer to myself as an “I don’t know-er”

Yes. I am comfortable with this.

To Unpick the Stitches of Faith

I know that much of my unwillingness to completely detangle myself from Islam is due to my family, but that doesn’t mean that regardless of these ties I would be willing to disengage and go full-murtad.

Unfortunately Islam has settled in my bones. It has repaired me, many a time, and to rip out the stitches of faith is not a smooth nor swift procedure.